10 Tricks For Spring Clean And Check-Up For Your Home

When the weather warms up and they announce that spring is here, you bust the windows open like Snow White with a bright song for all to hear.

But then, the Cinderella side of you remembers…there’s work to be done.

Busting open the windows this spring means busting open the cleaning supplies cabinet, too. But if you take a peek at these tricks and tips, you’ll be well on your way to prioritizing tasks and getting more done with your time in coming weeks.

It all has to get done, of course, but you can dive into these 10 tips to see how you ‘ll get your home looking better faster. After all, spring is already here!

1. Start on the outside by checking your home exterior for winter damage. This includes your yard and garden as well as your house. Be sure to check the following key areas, taking advantage of that spring sunshine to get a good look.

  • Edges around eves and trim: Check all the seals and cracks around your home to be sure you’ll lock in that summer A/C. Be sure to remember weather stripping around doors, and make sure everything is aligned and well adhered.
  • Doors and windows: Doors and windows aren’t just checked to see if they look good, they’re also functional parts of the face of your home that need maintenance every year. Look for wear and tear, holes in screens, and any debris trapped around them. Remember that debris, if not cleaned out, can cover up damage you should know about!
  • The roof: Check for missing shingles, damaged masonry, leaks in skylights and any signs of mold or mildew.

Expert tip: If you aren’t able to comfortably access some of these areas, or if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re looking for, that’s where we come in with our new home maintenance services. These kinds of home check-ups are exactly why we put the program together!

2. Clean up patio furniture to give your yard an immediately spring-ready look. You know you’ll want to use that outdoor seating much sooner than later (if you haven’t already), so be proactive and get this task done before it becomes a disappointment! Getting patio furniture ready for the season is a GREAT way to celebrate the arrival of spring, and gives you that happy spot for cocktails once your tasks are all done.


3. Great, you’ve made it inside! Before you do ANYTHING else, strip winter layers from all beds and furniture around the house. Take winter pieces off the walls if you have them there. Remove anything and everything used for winter, even if you suspect there’s still another brisk night or two ahead. By clearing this stuff out, it makes your spring cleaning easier, gets the job done better, AND sets you for success to set to the season.

4. Deep-clean the kitchen as a ceremonious rite to the arrival of springtime. You’ll want to be entertaining guests at some point, which means cooking, not to mention hanging out in the kitchen. A legit, deep clean of the kitchen should be done at least once a month (ahem)—but if you can at least swing once a season, now’s the time to inaugurate the habit. Be sure to clean behind cupboard spaces and wash out the entirety of your dishwasher. You will be amazed how good it feels once you’re done!

5. Refresh all your entryways for an immediate “clean” feeling to welcome you home. This will also set the tone for anyone who comes in, particularly those other family members who contribute to the mess. By cleaning entryways and refreshing them early on, you can set a reminder to yourself and everyone else that it’s time to tidy up and STAY tidy.

6. The forgotten surfaces…mirrors and lamp shades. By cleaning these surfaces and cleaning them well, your home will positively glitter. Not sure how to clean that cloth lamp shade? Start with a lint roller to pick up winter dust. If it needs a washing or has any stains, use the mildest soap you can find and dunk it continuously into a warm bath. In desperate cases, you can see if the local shop will dry clean it. And for those glass lamp shades? You have no excuse! Wipe those down along with your mirrors, and your home will absolutely sparkle!

7. The not-so-forgotten surfaces…floors. The thing about floors is that you need to be done with the rest of your cleaning before you wash them. You’ll start by stripping the layers of debris off the floors first, yes, and putting things in their places. But the scrub or vacuum comes last. Other cleaning dislodges dust and dirt, so once you feel like a space is really “done,” consider a scrub by hand to get those nooks and crannies for a beautiful start to spring.


8. Tune-up garden tools if you’re ready to get out in the dirt! Spring means spring gardening, but before you so much as throw a seed, you’ll want to make sure your tools are cleaned, sharpened and in working order. The biggest buzzkill to spring gardening is remembering that a dud tool still hasn’t been fixed.

9. And while you’re in the garden…make this the year to build a garden path! If you don’t have one already, this is a GREAT trick to make your garden more inviting than ever and to give it a beautiful spring “refresh.” Consider the different materials you like, dream up the winding path, and make it happen!

10. And, if you’re into it, probably not from your own garden since you’re just getting started…treat yourself to some spring blooms in the home! Fresh flowers in any space bring spring right into your heart. And the purchase can be a reward for getting through this monster list! Allow yourself to feel satisfied and a little pampered after a job well-done.



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