Pet and Family Friendly

You need an upgrade—it might be an entryway…or a whole living room. Or, maybe it’s an addition to the house with a growing number of family members…or even for family additions of the four-legged type. Or, maybe you only now have the means to make your home more resistant to scratches, mud and the rest….

Priorities in Kitchen Countertops

You want to tackle your kitchen remodel like a pro. You want the right fixtures, the right look, and the right feel when you spend hours and hours there over holiday parties and visits. You want to prioritize like a pro, too…and make the right choices. For most of us, that’s why we ultimately HIRE…

Why You Should Open Your Kitchen Up

One of the biggest trends that has grown YEAR after year is to open kitchens up. After enough time spent “cooped up” in the kitchen, all homeowners can find themselves longing for this update. The kitchen used to be a “thing of Mom” (or the help), and all about cooking. Not so much about eating….