Opened Up Family Room and Kitchen

What started out as a “simple” family room and kitchen remodel, turned into a much needed structural “fix”. This couple came to us wanting to open up their family room and kitchen. They had an area right off the family room that housed a sunken hot tub, which they never used, and they wanted to make this space more functional.







When the demolition process started, we found that the 2nd floor was “falling”, meaning that it was significantly lower in the middle compared to the load bearing walls. Upon inspection in the attic, it was discovered that a turnbuckle had been used to try and “pull up” the sides of the home. Because of this, there were some major structural issues with the foundation of the home. Sadly, this homeowner didn’t know these issues existed  because the previous homeowner didn’t disclose the information in their disclosure document when they sold the house.


TIP: If ANY work has been done on a home that you’re considering to buy, go to the city and request copies of all permits. Most cities require a permit for gas water tank installs, windows, moving/adding any electrical or plumbing… and the list could go on, but the point is for you to do your due diligence. We have seen too many homeowners that find out that the work done on the home wasn’t done to code or disclosed, as is the case with this specific home.







Once the structural issues were fixed, the remodel continued. We were able to completely open the area for the family room, install new cabinets on either side of the fireplace and completely remodel the kitchen.

The products that we used in this remodel include:
Backsplash tile: Arizona tile Skylights II jewel mélange and troy tumbled stone.
Cabinets in living room: DeWils Fine Cabinetry in the designer line, with a Charleston door/drawer in red oak with ebony stain.
Cabinets in kitchen: DeWils Fine Cabinetry in the designer line, with a monarch door/drawer in cherry with a cherry stain.
Cabinets for island: DeWils Fine Cabinetry in the designer line, with a stony brook door/drawer in cherry with a cherry stain.
Countertop: Granite Lapidus.
Pendant lights: Quorum Old World Pendant amber swirl.
Chandelier: Quorum Old World.
Flooring: Stony Brook hickory ridgeline.
Paint: Sherwin Williams 6115 totally tan.


Hailey 323_4_5_6_7



Hailey 328_29_30_31_32



Hailey 353_4_5_6_7



Hailey 433_4_5_6_7


Despite the structural fix that had to take place, the finished remodel now leaves a very warm and inviting feeling. The family room and kitchen is now a space where this family can enjoy making memories to last a lifetime!

NOTE: The fireplace in this blog was also written about in a separate blog spotlighting various fireplace remodels that we’ve completed. To view that post, click HERE.



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