Drab to Fab Bathroom Remodel!

Recently we’ve been seeing one of our bathroom remodel projects from several years ago being circulated around various social media sites. We’ve decided to bring that project back to the spotlight and talk about the construction that went into creating the stunningly beautiful transformation!

These clients of ours came to us wanting to change their master bathroom from an outdated and closed off design to a space that is more open with a unique layout. The following pictures show how the space looked before.


The wallpaper was changed to a vibrant but subtle green paint color that gives the space a more relaxing vibe. New gorgeous floor tile was installed that contrasts nicely with the all the other additives. New hardware, bathroom accessories, and light fixtures help create a beautiful decoration for the vanity. The vanity itself is composed of custom made DeWils cabinets and granite countertops.

The most unique part of the bathroom is this bathtub/shower hybrid. As you can see, the bathtub was placed inside a large shower cabin. On the back wall, a stained glass window was installed to help bring in the natural light from outside. In addition, track lighting was added above to bring light in as well. Tile was used from the façade to all the way around the shower cabin and tub to create a beautiful and ornate look that compliments the rest of the bathroom well.

How do you feel about the concept of having a bathtub in the shower? We would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know!


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