What season is it?

It’s official! Halloween has passed and we are quickly approaching the holiday season. How has this happened so fast? It feels like just yesterday that it was summer and 90 degrees. Oh wait, here in Texas it STILL is 90 degrees! So, what can you do to bring the holiday season inside when it’s not showing so much on the outside? Here’s some tips and ideas to help create the perfect seasonal setting inside your home!
Although this one may seem a little obvious, you can do no wrong when it comes to fall scented candles. It’s no secret that pumpkin scents have always been the popular choice, but adding in45dfc5de64c314616f3f202a46d71b8c some natural fragrances such as wood and pine will help bring the outdoors inside with an authentic aroma. In addition, the flickering light from the flame helps create a cozy ambiance that compliments a “fall” like atmosphere.

Nothing goes better with lit candles than a delicious home cooked meal. In fact, one of the best ways to get in touch with the season is to cook some tasty cool-weather classics… minus the actual cool weather. Soups, roasts, chili, casseroles, stews, and cobbler are just a few to name. These mouthwatering meals tend to be a household favorite that the whole family enjoys. For more ideas on delicious meals click HERE to find the top 50 fabulous fall recipes!

When thinking of these autumn recipes, it’s necessary to also think about your table setting. Creating a table setting that reflects the season will not on89d7133f00acc1958e0d455367c55f4cly add some fabulous décor to your home, but also help create the holiday season indoors. The best thing about table settings is that you can completely decorate to fit your own taste. Whether it’s elaborately ornate or very simple, they add a charming and cozy essence to the home. If you ever need ideas about how to decorate, Pinterest is one of the best places to look up inspiration photos.

Now that we’ve talked about candles, meals, and table settings, let’s talk about one more little element that will help the coziness factor of fall. Although the temperature during the day can rise to a staggering hot temperature, nighttime temperatures tend to drop into the perfect degree. When this happens, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn the AC off and open the windows and back doors to let the real outdoors, in. We hope that these tips will help you create the perfect seasonal setting in your home.  The holiday season is about family, community, and gathering – enjoy the memories to be made and coziness to be had!


Also – don’t forget to Fall Back on Sunday, November 6th!











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