Time for warm and cozy!

Last week on the blog we spoke about how fall is officially here and how to prepare your home on the interior and exterior. Now that this chilly season has finally arrived, we would like to fixate a little more on the interior and talk about the part of the home that brings the family together.

Fireplaces are a main staple of any great room. Not only are they generally the focal point from a design standpoint but they also have the ability to draw the community of the home inward and create a space for relaxation, restoration, and good conversation. Whether it be during the holiday’s or just a cozy night in, spending time by the fireplace is something that many families often enjoy.


There have been a variety of fireplaces we have had the pleasure of remodeling over the years and as you can see the dynamic of the room has drastically changed. These changes have helped create a cozy new atmosphere for our clients to spend quality time with their friends and family.



This stunning transitional transformation shown above draws the eye in immediately. The use of the stone to enhance the fireplace now reflects a cozy focal point for the room and gives off a warm and inviting vibe for our clients to enjoy at any time.



This fireplace was beautifully updated creating a more calming and relaxing presence. The addition of the decorative mantle makes the space open and inviting for family and friends to spend quality time together.

This old-fashioned wood fireplace was beautiful to begin with. By adding some custom made DeWils cabinets on the side and changing the color of the mantle to match, the outcome creates an amazing focal point for the room.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts about these updated fireplaces and if you’re not happy with the fireplaces in your home, contact us today so that we can help your holiday season be more cozy and inviting!




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