Bottleneck traffic, no more!

Ever feel as if your cooking space is becoming too overcrowded and overwhelming? Whether it consists of entertaining large groups of people or just a casual day with the family, constant traffic to the refrigerator can disrupt the flow of any kitchen. Luckily there are some great ideas that can address this very situation!

Creating a specified zone for guests and family members to retrieve a beverage can be very helpful in deterring people from the main kitchen. From under counter refrigerators to compact beverage centers and other alternatives in between, these appliances create an easy and functional way to provide service without creating bottleneck traffic.


·         Under counter pull-out refrigerator

·         Beverage center

·         Under counter refrigerator drawers

·         Double drawer under counter refrigerators

Under counter pull-out refrigerators are great appliances to use as a second beverage center. Because they’re able to be adjusted to conform to various counter heights and depths, they’re compact enough to be placed under the counter but still create a seamless and cohesive look. Some can even be customized to match your kitchens cabinetry.

Beverage centers are another great appliance that can be installed under the counter. They are smaller than pull-out refrigerators but still have the ability to hold a variety of different products from cans to bottles. For most of these specific products, their versatility allows them to be indoor and outdoor which would be helpful for those who need a drink while enjoying time by the pool or just hanging out in the backyard.   

An even smaller alternative would be to use an under counter refrigerator drawer. These are compact and vary in size to accommodate your space if you’re just looking for something small and easy.

Last but certainly not least, we have the double door under counter refrigerator. This is one of my favorite options as it offers a variety of different services inside. It is compiled of two drawers that stack on top of each other. Not only does it have the ability to stay cold for beverages but it also has a pantry mode where it can store different food products in a warmer temperature. 

With alternatives like these, it can be easy to divert congestion within the kitchen and keep the space open. Comment below to share some of your thoughts about adding a small second refrigerator in your place!



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