Christmas in July

Last week in my newsletter and on social media, I touched upon how we have now reached the tipping point of being halfway through 2016.

Right now while basking in BBQ’s and summer vacations, it might be hard to imagine preparing a big holiday feast for Thanksgiving or planning your annual Christmas gathering.

Now is the time to think about how you want your home to be for the winter the holidays.  Really it’s about more than aesthetics. It’s the feel and flow of your home.

The holiday season is about being able to be with family and friends; sharing love and laughter, creating memories through experiences that will last a lifetime. How are your family and guests appreciating your home in the holiday season?

Are they all cramped up in one space due to a compartmentalized home layout? Is there enough cooking, serving, gathering, or conversational space? Is your kitchen outdated, unsightly or just simply unusable?

I’ve asked you a lot of questions; did you like all of your responses?

The Curb Appeal Renovations design/build team is ready to begin helping you plan your home renovation.  Contact us to get started.


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