Celebration of Life


I attended a celebration of life for the wife of one of my friends this weekend.  Unbeknownst to me, she was diagnosed with recurrence breast cancer at the same time I was diagnosed.  Fortunately I was able to conquer my battle…  It’s really made me think a great deal about life…mine, my family and friends and others that I come in contact with…

While standing there and enjoying this glorious first day of Spring, I was acquainted with many people, but two of whom stood out to me.  You see, they had both put off simple diagnostic testing because “they were too busy”.  However, this simple diagnostic test saved both of their lives…a colonoscopy.  This same test most likely saved the life of my dear friend who was also diagnosed with a rare colon cancer; luckily she went on her 50th birthday for her “first”.  My mother went in for her annual mammogram and elected a 3D mammogram; they found cancer.  She credits them to finding her very small cancer tumor to the 3D mammogram.  Rob went in for a routine eye exam and they found a detached retina; they saved his sight.  I also went in for my annual mammogram and they found cancer.

I urge you, do not put off these routine tests.  Keep them on schedule.  If not for you, then think about all the people that love you and depend on you.  Think about how much easier it is to treat an illness in the early stages than try and battle it at the end.  Think about life.  Think about celebrating your life and others TOGETHER…not after you are gone and they’re celebrating with heavy hearts.

We are in the season of re-birth…Spring is upon us…schedule your tests so we can celebrate life and every season together for many years to come with joy…


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