2016 Trends

2016 Watch

So…what are the design trends for 2016? That’s what I thought when I heard someone speak at the Dallas Market two weeks ago…he did give one very interesting tidbit of information which really amazed me. Trends in the home and clothing follow that of watch designs. I know you’re thinking, really? Watches? But when he started explaining, I thought yes, you’re right! If you’re noticing, watch designs have become stately without all the fuss. They’ve become clean and almost classic looking.


Gone (thank goodness) is the heavy old world look…as a matter of fact, that went out several years ago…and in comes clean lines, no muss no fuss as I like to say. Part of this is due to the current trend of organization…every where you turn you see how to organize…and planning! Oh my, it amazes me those that use planners and not one, but two, three or four at a time…with different colored pens and stickers. Anyway, excuse my digressing…everything having a place is in…small appliances behind cabinets and not on counters, using drawers for dishes with no upper cabinets and pullouts that hold all sorts of kitchen utensils…even drawers built for the OXO containers!

Part of this is due to the Gen X’ers…they’ve grown up in a world that is constantly changing. Information comes at them 24/7, unlike the baby boomers who had many parents that lived through the depression where you coveted everything you had. Part of that also comes from the fact that this generation is the least likely to purchase a home than any other generation we’ve had. Why? They want to be able to pick up and move as easily as possible, therefore everything is disposable in a sense.

web Keller Kitchen Final 1156

While stainless steel has been king for many years now, we’re starting to see COLOR on appliances and plumbing…thank you! You probably know that I’m not a fan AT ALL of stainless steel. It scratches, stains and shows fingerprints. Plus, when I go into a kitchen, I don’t want to see a hunk of metal. Ideally I’d like to hide all the appliances with cabinet fronts, but if not, then how about a range in red, orange, blue?! Yes, color is coming back in appliances…but don’t worry, those that are colored are going to be high dollar. And speaking of color, we’re starting to see other metals taking the place of stainless in plumbing! Again…snoopy dance…we’re starting to see bronze and gold appearing…not just in the kitchen either, but bathroom and bedroom and other living areas of the home. Personally, I never liked the silver trend and stayed with gold so I’m just elated over this replay! Now, don’t go thinking the icky, tacky, chipped, cheap “brass/gold” of years gone by. Think high end, brushed and polished in an understated hue. Depending on what you’re using, this gold could go either silver or gold.

Champagne Faucet
Delta Addison Touch Faucet

Another trend that I see following lifestyle changes is the use of more natural materials and rooms that blend the inside and outside. While quartz is man made, it’s being made to look more like nature. Homes are being designed so the inside flows to the outside and blurs the lines with gorgeous big windows, living areas that are as nice outside as they are inside and kitchens outside that have appliances that typically aren’t inside…think pizza oven here! And don’t forget the flooring…tile now looks so much like wood that it’s hard at first glance to know that it is tile and not wood.


One last trend that will become more of the norm as we go forward…a totally plugged home. One in which you can tell the temperature of the meat in the oven when you’re out playing with the kids…the ability to turn the lights on and off when you’re vacationing in Dubai…or turning on the shower from bed so you can snuggle as long as possible and then race into a brilliantly warm and invigorating shower that’s going with your favorite tunes no less.

We will continue to see technology play a big part in our homes, but I’m also seeing the blending of old and new as well. Contemporary is blending in antiques…those treasure pieces that have been handed down for generations…but in a much more subdued manner. Family will always be important and keeping those memories through pieces of art, furniture and pictures always have a place in our homes and our hearts…


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