Start Your Remodel Process

Fused Final 391-395

Are you thinking about remodeling now that the holidays are over?

The first step is to research what type of remodel you want. Do you want a simple update where you just get new countertops, maybe one or two appliances; spruce up the cabinets? Or do you want an all out complete renovation making your space more user friendly and up to date with new appliances, plumbing and finishes? Once you decide what kind of remodel project you want, you need to decide on your budget. One of the best places to start is the cost vs. value report . This report gives you an average cost of a remodel project in your area. Once you decide on your budget, be up front with your remodeling professional, it does not do you or the professional justice if you’re at different ends of the pricing spectrum…after all, no one can read minds!

Bebee 220

After you’ve decided what you want to do and have done a little research on cost, now you need to find someone to do the work for you. The next step is probably what kind of remodeling professional do you need? With contractors, there is the handyman who can do any and all work and you only have to deal with him, however you have to tell them what you want and where you want it. The general contractor will provide all the tradesmen and lines them up, but you tell them what you want and where you want it. The third type of company is the design/build remodeling contractor. The design/build company is with you through the design to the finish of construction. Whomever you choose, make sure you are absolutely comfortable with them as this is the person/company that is going to be working in your home for weeks on your project. If you read our story about estimates you know that you will not be able to compare pricing since really, you are interviewing to see which company is the best fit for you and your project and which company made you feel comfortable and trust worthy enough for you to hire.

H Kitchen 3

Now that you know what kind of remodel project you want to do, you’ve done your research, came up with a budget, found a company that you are comfortable with, what’s next? Let’s say you picked a design/build company. You wanted a company who could design your kitchen with your thoughts and vision and can help you put everything together and you’ve told this company you are hiring them. The design process starts and you will be assisted in making all those selections – appliances; plumbing; tile; flooring; countertops; cabinets; and anything else that needs to be selected for your project. Your design and proposal is then created with your thoughts and vision that you discussed with the design/build team. Most often, you will then have a meeting with the design team to go over your design; maybe make a few changes and go over the proposed cost of what your project. After you’ve finalized all the details, you will sign construction contracts! All materials need to be ordered and with the “busy” season approaching, many lead times can be several weeks in length. As well, if you need permits for your project, some cities are taking several weeks to go through the permit process. Once all the products and permits are in hand…construction for your remodel project begins!

It is never too early to start the process so that you can hit the start of construction date that you desire. Preplanning will help alleviate the anxiety that goes into commencing any type of construction project, whether it is small or large…it is the upfront process that is so important…just keep in mind, it is never too early to start planning for your next remodeling project!


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