Drought Stages

May Showers 1What Happens With No April Showers?

Remember the old silly saying, April showers bring May flowers? Thought it was fitting for our first blog in May.

Most of us, if not all of us in Texas are seeing some drought concerns. Many cities have been in a Stage 1 water restriction since late 2013 as we have not been getting the needed rainfall. Lake Lewisville has islands in areas that were common for boats to cut across and I’m afraid that we will see a lot of closed boat ramps and docks before summer arrives. We went scouting for boat storage up around Lake Texoma since it looks like Lewisville is out for wakeboarding, and found out that Dallas is already buying water from Lake Texoma.

I decided to look up the Stages of water restrictions because I see it all the time, signs in cities, on the news, but I never really knew how many stages there were or what they meant. If I don’t know, then maybe others don’t know.

Middle of lake Island

There are 5 different drought stages. They may be a little different for each city and I found descriptions of these on the Corpus Christie city website. You should always check your city’s website to see what restriction you have and what you need to do to stay within those restrictions. When the stages increase, fines are added to your water bill!

Stage 1 is a mild water shortage condition. The restrictions consist of limited yard watering and to start practicing water conservation such as discontinuing non essential water use.

Stage 2 is moderate water storage condition. There is more restrictions on yard watering. There will be no washing of motor vehicles except on designated watering days, and when washing it must be with a bucket of water or hose with a shut off nozzle. There will be no filling of any indoor/outdoor pools except on designated watering days. Operation of ornamental fountains of ponds is prohibited unless it us supporting aquatic life.

Stage 3 is a severe water. The same restrictions as Stage 2 apply. Constructions sites can no longer use water for dust control. Fees may be charged if you are over the monthly allocation.

Stage 4 is critical water shortage. All of the same restrictions for Stages 2 and 3. Irrigation of landscape, washing of motor vehicles, and filling pools is prohibited. Foundation watering by hand or drip irrigation with shut off only.

Stage 5 is emergency water shortage. All of the same restrictions for Stages 2, 3, and 4. Irrigation of landscaping and washing of motor vehicles are absolutely prohibited. Associated use of water not related to business processes terminated.

These descriptions came off the Corpus Christie website, so it may be a little different for each city. Be sure you know what your water restrictions are to avoid penalties and conserve water!


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