Universal Design

FamilyYears ago it wasn’t unheard of for families to stay in their homes their entire lives or maybe they only moved one time.  As time progressed people started moving more frequently, but now times are changing again and many are staying in their homes longer.  Instead of looking to move, many are looking to improve their current home to better their lifestyle for years to come.

Universal Design

Frequently referred to as aging in place, universal design is becoming more popular as homes are becoming multi-generational.  Today there is a greater demand for accessibility being recognized.  Physical disabilities should not interfere with the way you live your life and move around in your home; regardless if these are temporary or permanent. Subtle changes can be made throughout the remodeling process to prepare for the future, which may include:

• widening doorways to allow easier access for walkers, wheelchairs or crutches
• pull out shelves in cabinetry to allow easier access to not strain the back and/or knees
• barrier free showers to allow independent bathing or access for all ages and disabilities
• leveling at least one entrance to the home to allow for access for any and all individuals

Understanding universal design isn’t just about learning a few remodeling tricks. It’s about considering the needs of all ages of your home and developing flexible solutions to the many challenges common homes provide. Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists are not only trained in aging friendly solutions to common remodeling projects, they are trained to understand the entire aging process and its unique demands. By understanding the nature of aging, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist is the best contractor possible when it comes to assessing your home, developing designs to make it more universally livable, and to follow through on those designs by performing the remodeling work. Whether you are currently in need of aging-in-place home improvements and remodels, or are considering a major remodel and want to incorporate aging-in-place into the design to wisely prepare for the future, the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists at Home Life Concepts can help.

Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) can be the best choice for an aging in place remodeling project or new home construction for those seniors building the home they want to age in. These professionals have taken part in a training and certification process through the National Association of Home Builders which prepares them to anticipate and meet the needs of older people.

Through the use of universal design principles, CAPS professionals can work with you to create a safe, comfortable and more independent life in your home; both now and for the future. But, it doesn’t stop with addressing design. CAPS professionals are trained in common remodeling projects and costs, accessibility issues, product recommendations, codes and standards, and the process and resources needed to provide a complete aging in place solution.

Curb Appeal Renovations, Inc., is proud to have Robin Burrill as both CAPS professional and interior designer and Rob Mathews as a registered nurse on their name.  Together they can assist you in making your home accessible for today and tomorrow…whatever that may look like for you and your family.


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