Quartz vs. Granite Countertops



Quartz is a manmade material.  You can get it in just about any color to match any room you want to put it in.  It is a maintenance-free, hard to scratch, is easy to clean and requires no sealing.

The downside is that it has a higher starting price than granite.  The more economical priced quartz is very consistent in color and pattern whereas quartz is now being made to mimic granite patterns but expect to pay high dollar for these slabs.

Quartz can chip and crack though.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that it won’t.  Pots and pans banging around the sink edges can still chip the edges.  Excessive heat can also crack your counter.  As with any material, use caution.

Another advantage to quartz, the flaws have been engineered out!  You’ll find no flaws in this man-made engineered product.  You won’t find any areas that have been filled or invisible striations just waiting to open some day.

Typically with quartz, especially those that are very consistent in color, you can make the seams disappear…very appealing with some installations.


H Kitchen 3

Granite is a natural stone that can be found all around the world.  It is heat resistant, though if it’s really hot, it can crack the granite.  It is scratch resistant, tough, long lasting and water resistant.  It is also very easy to clean with a mild soap and water or specific granite cleaner.  However, any acidic liquid or food will dull the stone – think any ammonia product, vinegar, even limes and lemons if left on the counter.  There are no two slabs alike, so what you have is one of a kind, no one else will have that pattern.

The downside of granite is it can stain. Regular cleaning especially around your cooktop is a good idea. Granite does need to be sealed; the more it is used the more it will need to be sealed. Also, there are no two slabs alike, if you want to match it in the future, you may have difficulty. Like quartz, it can chip and crack.

Granite is beautiful though.  There is nothing like the beautiful colors, the flows, the shimmers and pops and depths that you see in granite.  Granite counters can really be that WOW factor in your kitchen.


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