Home Remodeling Trends 2013

So…what’s hot so far in 2013?  Let’s look at some of the trends!

Cabinets:  Clean, simple, contemporary is being seen everywhere!  It goes along with our need for less fuss and a need for less maintenance.  Think shaker doors with this look and if you want just a little bit of bling…add it with knobs and pulls!

Vering final 388Countertops:  You’ll hear around the country that quartz is king…but here in Texas granite stone is still au natural and the flavor of choice!  Texans do like everything that has to do with the outdoors and that natural feeling!  However, expect to start seeing quartz prices coming down as more and more companies are offering their own lines of counters.

Hailey 338_39_40_41_42Floors:  Hardwoods – Pre-finished or engineered floors will become more popular as they provide a hard, durable finish.  They also save time on installation and think about it…no dust and no fumes…for those of us that are uber sensitive to any type of odor, this is a huge plus!  Also, engineered floors are also compatible with under floor heating systems.  I know, you’re thinking here in Texas?  But I’ve been miserable these past couple of months!  This relates to tile as well.  AZ Tile Wood Over Red & SandPorcelain is making a big impact and while natural stone is still big in our market, many don’t want the maintenance, so they’re turning to porcelain that looks as good as a natural stone without the upkeep.  We’re seeing all different sizes now in both wood and tile.  And…we’re also seeing GREAT tile that looks like wood!  Make a statement with your flooring!

Backsplashes:  All glass is on its way out, but you’re starting to see a medley of mosiac Dal Tile Tiger eyecomposites…glass/stone/tile.  These add more visual interest.  However, also look for glass that’s been painted on the back in your more contemporary settings.   A good example is this DalTile Tiger Eye…it’s beautiful!

Sinks:  I’m seeing the single bowl sinks making a big splash!  Although stainless seems to still be big…personally I’m not a fan…composites are making a big impact on the market.  I’m seeing more and more manufacturers enter into this market as well.

Faucets:  Touchless is sizzling!  In the kitchen and the bath and these faucets don’t look like public restroom faucets either!  You can get faucets in just about every shape, size and color imaginable now.  Of course, the “cooler” the faucet, the more your pocketbook must expand.

Color:  Grey is the new black.  Darker cabinets are hot.  While everyone likes darker floors, be careful of dust bunnies…go a couple shades lighter, you’ll be ever so glad you did.  Of course Emerald Green is the Pantone color of the year and we’re seeing splashes of green everywhere…to go along with our desire for cleaner, easier and relaxed lifestyles.  To go along with the ever increasing contemporary trend, colors are getting softer…not my favorite trend as I love bold colors…but it’s your home, use color as you like…in 5, 10, 15 years and on…a new trend will come along and what is “in” today will be out tomorrow!Jones final 675


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  1. I keep seeing the backsplashes with the 2×1 stone, metal, glass combo and I loathe them. The variety of stone assortment of the same layout does have some great neutral color palettes that do the job nicely.

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    I always loved the darker cabinets and quarts counter tops – not a fan of granite. Love the tile trends and this overall look for 2013. Nice post!

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