Laundry Quandary

Laundry 1Laundry rooms are often neglected when it comes to cleaning, redecorating or remodeling.  For many it becomes the place to shove all the clutter when company comes over, or houses the hamster cage, dog food bowls, gross mops and cleaning supplies and whatever else we decide to cram in there. Needless to say, your laundry room may be due for a makeover.

But isn’t that a little excessive? It’s just the laundry room, right? No one else has to see it. But wouldn’t you love to have a nice space to do the never-ending chore that for some of you (especially if you have kids) is the bane of your existence? The average mom spends 183 hours a year doing laundry for her kids (not including the husband’s laundry), which comes out to about 5 months of her life spent in the laundry room. Wow!

Laundry 2Maybe now you are reconsidering the importance of having a comfortable space in which to do all that work! But what can you do? Repaint? New appliances? Yes, and maybe consider redesigning the layout of the room to maximize space efficiency. Take these ideas I found on Pinterest for example.

This was a do-it-yourself laundry room makeover. The dryer broke down, so they had to get new appliances anyways and thought, why not update the whole space? They build a Laundry 3countertop for folding over their new front load washer and dryer, and left some space in between for a 10 inch cabinet and drawers for supplies. They also added a bench, coat hooks, and cubby holes so it could double as a mud room. Fairly easy and inexpensive, but it makes a huge difference!

Here is another example of a laundry room/mud room. This one is slightly more sophisticated though. It, too, features a large counter space for folding, cabinets and drawers for detergents and cleaning supplies, and coat hooks. But this one was professionally done, and you can tell the difference. Absolutely gorgeous! I just love the rich, dark color scheme!

Laundry 4You could put your washer and dryer in the kitchen with cabinet doors to create a laundry hideaway. Pro: Nice that laundry can’t fall behind machine, and keeps appliances out of sight when you have company over! Con: Your laundry room is in the kitchen…food splatter on your clean clothes…takes up even more valuable working space in the kitchen…But if you have a large enough kitchen, it may be worth it! You could turn the actual laundry room into some other useable space.

Maybe, if you are a very brave soul, you might consider combining your laundry room with Laundry 5your closet. Just think about how easy it would be to transfer clothes from drawers/closet to washer/dryer back to their happy home without lugging bulky laundry baskets or fear of dropping a stray sock on the floor! This is a genius idea! (As long as your machine never leaks…would not recommend keeping the carpet…)

Laundry 6Have you ever thought about installing a TV in your laundry room? You can catch up on your favorite HGTV shows while folding or ironing. Or you could be like me and end up watching TV instead of working. Oops!

Always be thinking about space saving options. The first picture is a Laundry 7laundry room with lots of counter space for folding, a bar for hanging up clothes, and pull out / slide out storage shelves and bins for detergents and such. The second picture features a hideaway ironing board. How cool is that!!

Don’t forget to add some character and personality to it! If you are going to spend 5 months of your life here, make it a space that you enjoy. Add some color, a witty phrase, some cute signs, a sock “lost & found”, etc. There are 1001 different ideas on Pinterest to help you make your laundry room the perfect place. Go out there and see what you can find. And don’t forget to share with us your favorite laundry room makeover ideas!

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Laundry Room Decorating Ideas and Prize Winner

Laundry Room Design Ideas


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