Unique Sinks and Faucets

blog 8I don’t know about you, but I am a Pinterest addict. Pinterest is such a neat tool to help me step out of my comfort zone a little. I get exposed to designs and ideas I never would have thought of on my own! And I don’t have to work hard to find unique ideas…they come to ME every time a friend pins something or I browse a category.

Now, I am the kind of person that likes to stand out. I’m not usually one to follow suit with what everyone else likes or dislikes. I like things that are different from the norm. Sometimes normal is good, but it can also be a bit boring. So today I thought I might share a way you can escape the norm while still being tasteful and not too wild.

When most people decide they need to purchase a new sink, they envision a small rectangular or oval bowl that sits in their counter with a faucet perfectly centered behind it. But there are so many more options out there that can let your personality shine through, bring out the character in the style of the room, and make your guests “oo” and “ah”. A sink is such a small part of a kitchen or bathroom, but it can add so much to the décor of the room. And there are so many great ideas on Pinterest just waiting to be discovered!

blog 1

Take this sink for example. It is actually an old fashioned bucket! It also features a faucet that resembles an old water pump, which is off center.  The bucket gives this bathroom a subtle rustic feel, while keeping with the elegance of the rest of the space.

Check out this shallow, square sink with the faucet protruding from the center! This one is blog 2really interesting because of the placement of the faucet as well as the odd shape. Not sure how practical it would be if you had to wash a lot of large pots and pans, but maybe for a bar?

blog 3

This sink is probably one of my favorites, and has been repinned numerous times from our page. It is a slim, semicircular, hand hammered, copper sink surrounded by a cuttingboard surface counter. Perfect as a fun and functional bar sink.

(Native Trails – manufacturer)

This is a plugless sink. No plug? How do you drain out the blog 4water? Glad you asked! Once you’ve finished with your bowl of collected water, tip it backwards into the spillway and you’re ready to go again. It is designed to force you to dispose of the water yourself, and thus gain an appreciation of how much you’re sending down the drain. Waste not, want not, right? It has a distinctive modern-yet-retro vibe, and would be a great addition to a contemporary bathroom.

This sink has a special “teflon” treatment to obtain a shining effect with a dirt-free surface. blog 5The design completely encapsulates the drain plumbing for a sleeker look. You can also choose what color you want for your glowing sink from translucent orange, lemon, or white, to darker colors like black. The glow can be customized even further with the addition of a small static projection screen, allowing custom messages or artwork to be projected onto the sink surface from the inside. Umm…two please!

blog 6The extraordinary design obliterates preconceptions of what a faucet should look like. In an interesting twist, the faucet can be installed so the water either issues from above (over the flat surface) or jettisons out in a stream from below, cascading into the shallow, squared bowl. It has a luxuriously modern feel, and would add a calming fountain sound and spa atmosphere to your bathroom.

This only scratches the surface! There are so many more ideas out there. What is your favorite unique sink design? Share it with us!blog 7

Inspired by:
Tips on selecting the proper bathroom sink tips
by Dream Home Designs


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