What to Expect from a Contractor…a follow up to Design/Build

If you’ve been following along…you’ve read our blog about design build companies and what they can do for you.  However, let’s say that you know exactly what you want, you have it all laid out, your cabinet lay out, your tile design and you know exactly how all your IMG_0307appliances are going to fit in!  We’re assuming here you’re going to do a kitchen remodel.  However, you’ve got to work to pay for this job, so you don’t have the time to run the job yourself and you need someone else to run it for you.  You would most likely find a remodeler or a contractor.  This person most likely won’t do any designs for you, won’t go with you to make selections or have any input on paint colors.  You’ll need to do all that yourself or get your friends and family to help.  This person will however manager your project from start to finish, bringing in all the required people to do your job.  They will make 043sure that everything gets installed per code and they will install what you tell them and where you want it installed.  Just keep in mind, this person knows construction but when it comes to design, they most likely aren’t going to be the best person to come up with that snazzy backsplash design you wanted, so make sure you have it all laid out and can communicate to your remodeler exactly what you want.

Picture 074If you need walls removed, moved or added in your kitchen, your remodeler may or may not have the ability to do this, so be prepared to either come with drawings or have them drawn up.  Regardless, when you’re moving/added/removing walls you’re almost always going to need a permit and drawings will be required for your jurisdiction.

A remodeler or contractor is a great option for those that have everything in place, that know exactly what they want and have the “vision” to see their finished space.


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