What is a Design/Build Remodeling Company

What does design/build really mean? What does this mean for you? A design/build company is a company that handles the entire process under one roof, so to speak! They do it all, from the initial designs for your remodel, through construction and beyond to make sure your home stays looking good for a long time! They basically hold your hand each step of the way…but let’s break it down.

Kitchen Rendering
Kitchen Rendering

For our company, the design phase is where the remodeler, Rob, and interior designer, Robin, come to your home and discuss the area(s) you want to remodel. They will ask you lots of questions such as, how you want it to look, what you want, need, and dream of for this room. They will take measurements of the space, and note your must haves, nice to haves and your dream list!

Your next step is to make your selections. This will include selecting every finish that will go into your newly remodeled space and could include cabinet styles and colors, paint colors, plumbing, appliances, lighting, flooring, and countertops. Once all the measuring and selecting is completed, the design for your space will be completed. Once you’ve reviewed the design with your design team and all the necessary changes have been made so that you get your dream space, a very accurate proposal will be put together outlining all your selections and exactly what will be done for your project. Many companies have computer software that can show you exactly what your remodel will look like when it is completed, with all your selections depicted in the renderings. Once you’ve finalized your selections and design, you’ll sign a construction contract and move into the construction phase of your project.Bate 556

Everyone gets excited at the start of the construction phase, everything gets ordered and your project is set to start. The day finally comes and demo happens so fast and most people think, wow, this is going to go even quicker than I thought! Yea! Everything is going great. But wait…you mean your contractor isn’t perfect?! Realize that with any project, you’re going to hit bumps in the road, nothing ever goes as planned. Building inspector didn’t show. Flu outbreaks. Weather. Unexpected delays that couldn’t be foreseen. However, your chosen company should be right there by your side answering any questions that you may have during the process, and informing you if there are any issues they have come upon each day. You should not be afraid to ask the company you hired questions or raise concerns about something. It is during this part of the project, your excitement wanes…you’re watching the paint dry and it just isn’t drying!! However…you start to see the light! Everything starts to get installed and comes together, your excitement comes back as you see your space transformed into what you dreamed it would be. Seeing the finished project, your dream home as a reality, that makes it all worthwhile!

So what happens if you go with another type of contractor…stay tuned!


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