Why You Really Need to Clean Your Bathroom!

Did you know that most people clean to make their house presentable and not to kill off germs.  Here are 4 good reasons and ways to clean your bathroom to rid it of illness causing bacteria and viruses.

Disinfect the throne

Why:  The toilet seat has the most germs, not just on it, but due to aerosolization.  It sends millions of germs flying through the air with every flush.

Clean it right:  You should clean the toilet bowl once a week with a disinfectant.  Be sure to leave the cleaner on a good 10 minutes, in the bowl, on the seat and under the seat.


Clean the sink area.

Why:   It’s the first place you go and touch when your hands are dirty and full of germs.  Plus, with hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and toothpaste nearby you don’t want them to get contaminated.

Clean it right:  Reusable sponges just leave the areas “germier” than before, so buy inexpensive, disposable ones that you can clean with and not redistribute the germs.

Get rid of bathtub bacteria.

Why:  Germs stay behind after bathing and drains, faucets and whirlpool jets are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and mold.  (One reason why we are a big proponent of air tubs)

Clean it right:  Clean the tub at least once a week with disinfectant, rinse and dry thoroughly.  Clean out whirlpool pipes regularly to prevent bacteria build up.  (If you like that hard pulsing in a whirlpool, make sure you search for a tub that has a self-purging cycle after the tub is turned off)  Shower curtains are the worst for harboring mold and mildew so it is recommended that you change them out every three to six months or throw in the washer with bleach.

Don’t forget common germ hideouts.

Why:  All the frequently overlooked and most touched surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, and laundry hampers.

Clean it right:  The best way to remember to get these areas is to make them the last stop in your cleaning routine.


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