Trophy Club Kitchen Remodel Complete!

Remember this kitchen that we worked on almost a year ago?  Here are the before pictures to refresh your memory…



Look how gorgeous it is now!  Nice beautiful dark cherry cabinetry from DeWils.  The cabinets are a little bigger than what they had.  This was done by extending the bar just a little bit and removing the soffit above the cabinets.  The cabinetry above the bar was removed to give the kitchen a bigger more open feeling.  A pantry and a spice rack were added for easier storage.  The lighting was redone adding both task, ambient and general lighting to the kitchen.  The wine rack above the fridge was removed to create extra storage space for the less commonly used items, while in the hall just off the kitchen our client opted to have a storage area built.  Keep in mind, wine should not be stored above the frig, the heat from the frig is not good it!  Also, that area above the frig makes a great place for storing those items not used frequently. The countertop and back splash added a beautiful touch to finish off the kitchen.

After Remodel
After Remodel
After Remodel
After Remodel

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