Using Your Fireplace Safely and Efficiently

The Fireplace provides a warm and cozy atmosphere for family and friends.  But it can also be the cause for significant heat loss when operating along with a central heating system.  It is recommended that you only use the fireplace when you have your heater shut off.  You don’t run your air conditioning with the windows open, though running the heater while having a fire in the fireplace is worse. The vertical design of the chimney was designed to provide the best path for hot air attempting to escape the home.

If you cannot keep your home warm with the use of the fireplace, then allow the fire to burn down, remove any hot embers, close the damper and turn the heater back on.

Always check your damper to be sure it is closing tightly by inspecting it with a flashlight.  If it is missing or broken there are repair kits that can be purchased.  The next time you start a fire, walk outside and take note of the amount of smoke coming from the chimney.  Remember that for every cubic foot of smoke up the chimney , an outside cubic foot of cold air took it’s place.


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