Christmas In July

Christmas in July…

Ok…if you’ve been out shopping…you’ve probably seen the Christmas decorations out in the stores and thought…REALLY?  I know I have!  However…in the remodeling industry…we get those calls in September and October from homeowners frantic to get a remodel “done before the holidays”!

Every year this happens and I want to give you some advice now…so you can start your planning…at least a little in advance!  However…you need to start NOW!  First…start your research on who you’re going to use.  Are you going to do it yourself, or hire someone?  Let us assume you’re going to hire someone…you need to start NOW.  We’ll cover how to find that someone in another blog…but let’s assume you’ve found the person you’re going to use…the reason you need to start now is that you’ll need time to plan.

The planning process is crucial.  You need to make sure that you have time to choose all the materials that are going to go into your remodel.  The options available to you are limitless…but almost everyone is on a budget, so finding what you like AND fits your budget is normally the challenge.  Can’t we all find things we LIKE!  I don’t know about you, but I have champagne taste on a DIET COKE budget…not even beer!!

You really need to have everything planned out, there’s nothing like having to get into a remodel and making decisions on the fly.  A remodel is VERY stressful.  VERY stressful and if your contractor is under a tight deadline because you waited soooo late to call to get your job “done before the holiday”…it can make everything even more stressful…especially if all your selections haven’t been chosen!  Make sure everything is in stock and even if it is in stock, make sure that it isn’t damaged.  We’ve had items on the job before for weeks, only to open them up and find that they’re defective…this isn’t good for any of us.  Do a quick check on all your items or make sure you or your contractor has a GOOD working relationship with your vendor so you can get item(s) replaced or repaired quickly.  Also, make sure if you underestimated on an item, like tile, that you can get more…and quickly!

Again…this is where planning ahead makes it less stressful.  Have that job timeline laid out…regardless if you’re doing it yourself or you’re hiring someone.  If you’re doing it yourself, always allow a couple weeks more than you expected…this is typical of DIY’ers.  If you’ve hired a reputable contractor, they truly shouldn’t run behind on a job unless they’ve encountered a lot of unforeseen problems on your job or there have been a great deal of changes.

So…Christmas in July…not necessarily crazy now…because before you turn around…it will be Christmas.  Especially if you want a new kitchen, bathroom or addition…you need to start the process now.  Don’t wait…you’ll end up enjoying your holidays much more!  Happy Holidays…albeit a bit early!


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  1. Johana says:

    thanks for the insights your post gave me 🙂

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