Why It’s Important to have Proper Bathroom Ventillation

You know the old adage “if you do it right the first time…” well this goes for bathroom ventilation.  This is often the most overlooked feature for the bathroom.

According to most residential city codes…you’re required to have a window or vent/fan in the water closet.  When we ask most homeowners how their ventilation is, they reply…oh our mirrors never fog up!  What they’re not realizing is that vent/fan that is installed properly and the correct size, can help remove not only humidity from a bath, but also heat.

What we find frequently when remodeling is that “it wasn’t done right the first time…”. Many bath vents are vented directly into the attic, which can cause mold and wood rot.

So…do it right!  First you need to find a fan that meets the needs of the square footage of the room.  There are many different kinds out there to meet your needs for noise, shapes, sizes and configurations.  You need to be sure that the duct connected to the vent fan is leading outside of the attic.

When you do run the vent fan, start before you shower or bathe, to get the air circulating and continue to do so for 20-30 minutes to get all the moisture out of the bathroom.  some models come with auto sensing switches and timers for the vent fans so you don’t have to either worry about remembering to turn the fan on or off!


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