Spring Cleaning – Kitchen

It’s Spring time!  It’s time to open the windows and air out the house after winter time and to scrub that house clean.  I always dread spring time cleaning, I usually avoid it.  Not because I don’t want to clean, but because it takes me forever.  I’ll start in one area, and then go to put something up in another area and be bothered by that area and start it, and it’s like everything only gets half done because I’m moving from area to area.

So, I did some searching and came up with a checklist to follow.  I’m going to be following it, and you can too and see if it helps you.

Kitchen Cleaning

_____   Do a quick pick up.  Throw away all trash, clean up dirty dishes and remove anything that doesn’t belong in the   kitchen.

_____   Dust down the ceiling and corners of the walls

_____   Wash or spot wash the walls, doors and cabinets (don’t forget the vents, door knobs and switch plates!)

_____   Dust all art and photos in the kitchen area

_____   Dust and clean ceiling fan

_____   Take down light fixtures, wash and dry

_____   Dust and wipe down blinds, clean curtains

_____   Clean window sills

_____   Put the oven in cleaning mode and clean out the fridge; this will be a good time to vacuum the coils, check cord for damages and clean and mop the floor under the fridge.

_____   Sort through the freezer and fridge tossing out expired food.

_____   Pull shelves out and clean them, then wipe down the inside of the fridge.  (It’s best to just you soapy water as some cleaners can permeate the food, even in containers.)

_____   Wipe down outside of fridge and handles

_____   When oven is done self cleaning, wipe down and clean out as instructed on the cleaner you used.

_____   Take knobs, burners and covers off and clean specifically to your stove’s manual. (Don’t forget to wipe down the front and the handle real well.)

_____   Wipe down and clean all small appliances.  Toasters, blenders, microwaves

_____   Clean out cabinets, match up your Tupperware, toss unmatched, wipe down inside and out

_____   Run dishwasher empty, clean out food trap and wipe down the outside

_____   Wash down countertops, be sure you use a cleaner that is safe for your countertops, and don’t forget the backsplash!

_____   Clean out and organize drawers

_____   Wash down the sink  (put some ice cubes down the disposal to help sharpen the blades, a couple of lemon peels to freshen the drain)

_____   Wipe down base boards

_____   Sweep and mop floors

Hopefully by following this checklist you can stay on task and have your kitchen done in a few short hours!  You can apply this list to other rooms, just add and take away what specifics you need for each one.


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  1. Thanks for the check list. It can be easy to forget some of the simplest things with an area as large as a kitchen. Spring time is also a great time to consider kitchen remodeling.

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