Trophy Club Kitchen Remodel Part 2

As you can see, the kitchen has been gutted.  We pulled the drywall off so we can put in additional framing for the cabinets and “see” what’s behind those walls.  We might need to add insulation or correct plumbing or electrical issues.  Some might not go to this expense, but many times we’ve found mold, live wires, etc.  It’s really worth it…plus, you get peace of mind in the long run…knowing it’s been done right this time!

But first…you’re probably wondering why all those wires are everywhere?  Well…we did too!  For some reason, all the wiring for the kitchen ran through the soffit, instead of up through the attic like it should have…again, another mystery…another reason to have a contingency fee built in to all your projects for the “unknowns”.  Luckily we did take down the soffit because the electrical hadn’t been done properly and many things had to be corrected. 


Follow along to see the next pictures as the electrical is put in place and the kitchen starts taking shape!


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