Flooring trends

When choosing flooring, there can be what seems like and endless amount of choices. It’s a big decision. And even if it is a little intimidating to change the look of a space, you want your floor to reflect your style and taste.

Las Palmas Viejas Living Room mediterranean living room

Here are some tips on flooring trends to keep in mind as you shop:

  • There is a choice for a hardwood look in any room, even in the kitchen. Laminates and vinyl are now coming with stone and wood visuals so real, it is difficult to tell them from the real hardwood and tile. In current trend for wood floors, distressed textures with wider planks.
  • If low maintenance and ease of cleaning is your main goal, tile can be an obvious choice. Water is not a problem for tile, and if you use a dark grout to seal it, stains and soil are not an issue either.
  • If noise control is a concern in rooms like the media room or bedroom, there are advantages to using carpet. Carpet is efficient at absorbing sound. Carpet can also be a great choice if warmth and softness are desired in certain areas of the home. Patterns are a huge trend in carpets right now. Circles, stripes, geometric and stylized florals are some that can range from subdued to stunning.
  • Area rugs are great for making a large open space more cozy and intimate. Rugs help to add definition to areas where people tend to gather or sit. Most rooms with hard surface floors have excellent potential for the use of a well thought out area rug. Some people even choose to use different rugs for different seasons to change the look of a room with very little effort.
  • When choosing colors, keep in mind that dark colors will make a room seem smaller and cozier, while lighter colors will give the room a larger look. Colors like blues and greens can have a cooling effect on a room. On the other hand browns, reds, and yellows will have a warming effect.

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