Cabinet Hinge Selections 101



If like most people you have cabinets in your home, then you want to make sure that first and foremost you are able to open and close them smoothly, without a hang up… this actually goes for pretty much anything that has a door. One of the main reasons some cabinets tend to jam is due to the fact that they’ve been incorrectly assembled at the level of the hinges… this results in an awkward-looking piece of cabinetry, besides being dysfunctional. For that specific reason, you should pay extra attention when selecting what types of hinges you will install on your cabinet, and while it may seem like a very small stage to go through, keep in mind that it will play a major role in the long run.

When most people need help deciding on which items they should purchase for their homes, they turn themselves to various experts and construction professionals which specialize in installing and crafting cabinets. You are free to visit any type of construction person, such as an interior decorator or a contractor, and ask for some helpful advice regarding the choices you have in terms of hinges.

It’s understandable that in such a big and complex project some hardware and design details can get overlooked, however you must always remember that laying the foundations is always the most important aspect of erecting any type of building, physical and metaphorical alike. You should be patient and not rush your project until you’ve found the hinges which are right for you, and don’t be afraid to ask an expert. Most likely they will be more than happy to help!



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