Green Kitchen Trend

Going green is  popular when remodeling or designing a home.  Although people go green for different reasons, a few of the positives of designing an eco-friendly kitchen include: using less energy, using items that are both functional yet fashionable, advancing technology that is continually improving, saving money in the long run, and of course posing no harm to the environment.

Popular green kitchen remodel trends include energy efficient lighting, hands free faucets, bamboo flooring, recycled countertops, green building products (including marmoleum natural linoleum, green fiber insulation, salvage butcher blocks, etc).

While many people upgrade their appliances during remodels, choosing an eco-friendly appliance reduces the amount of energy you use,  in the long term that could save you thousands.

Having a countertop made from recycled products gives your kitchen a look unique to your home. Recycled countertops are popular to green kitchen design trends and can be made from recycled glass, marble, tiles, and waterproof recycled paper panels.

Lighting in a kitchen is a necessity, and one of the least expensive places to go green. Simple solutions like using energy efficient light bulbs can save money.  Hands-free or sensor faucets make the list of green kitchen remodeling trends allowing for more conservation of water. They also add a sleek feel to the overall design.

While you can use many different eco-friendly products for flooring, bamboo has become the most popular green kitchen trend. Its durability, look, and resistance to stains are among the top reasons. Its also a renewable resource and very low maintenance.


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