Another Top 10 for Kitchens and Baths

Concealed Kitchens
I am all over this one…concealing appliances especially.  Let’s get rid of the heavy stainless steel looking appliances and HIDE them as much as possible.  I mean really, how many are professional style chefs?  And how many want the stainless just because everyone else has it?

Beverage Stations

This is a great idea!  There are lots of coffee drinkers, tea drinkers and most importantly KIDS!  Why not make a beverage station that is out of the main traffic area of the kitchen where everyone can fix themselves a drink and stay out of the cooks way?  Awesome idea!

Color with Energy

Bold colors are making a big splash…and believe it or not…in appliances!  Hopefully soon we’ll start to see less stainless – see concealed kitchens!  Look to color through lighting, walls and wood tones – family and friends always seem to congregate to the kitchen, so why not liven the space up with color?!

Soft Geometry

Rounded counters, arches, anything to soften the space.  The best use of an arch that I’ve seen lately is an arch over a tub – fantastic design.  Using rounded soffits in an open floorplan can be used for two purposes, to delineate space and create an additional architectural element.

Space Subtleties

Once upon a time, designers were confined to incorporating fixtures to where they would “go”.  Now fixtures can “go” just about anywhere with floating vanities and wall mounted toilets – all allowing for a much more spacious feel to a room.

Design Framing

It is all in the details…simple things like increasing the thickness of a countertop to highlight the material, using cabinetry to highlight an inset area…any details to add interest to the architectural details in your kitchen and baths to make them POP are all the WOW!

Varying Heights

Although varying heights are “in” right now, make sure you work with a designer and have a plan in mind, don’t just make different heights because they look cool.  Some reasons for different heights:  lowering a cooking surface for ease of cooking, raising a dishwasher off the floor takes the strain off the back, lowering a counter for those who bake for kneading of bread and rolling of dough, raising counters for serving or family interaction.  All of this creates visual interest in your kitchen as well…but don’t forget the bathroom!  Raising a counters in the bathroom for many of the same reasons can be equally as important!

Asian Influences

Clean lines and neutral color palettes with bold splashes are making inroads in design.  Many times, a whole design will center around one piece of artwork or furniture.

Art Integration

Many times, the inspiration for a kitchen or bath comes from an owner’s piece of art – a framed painting or an antique sculpture  –  becoming a springboard for colors, fixtures, finishes and theme elements.


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