It’s All In The Details

This picture may be a bit blurry, so bear with me, but I think you can see most of the lines in the tile.  We’ve spoken before about the details and how important this is…I went out today and was looking over this job, we’ve been working on this kitchen for a couple months now and these homeowners have really had a tough time.  Their original builder did not do a good job, so just after 7 years we were contacted to completely rip out and redo their kitchen and we encountered all kinds of problems.

But we’re getting down to the end and it is now all the DETAILS!  And one detail that we were both looking forward to…of course the wife and I…was this detail over the cooktop!  This is Walker Zanger glass tile with Marazzi Durango beveled tumbled stone.  It is absolutely beautiful.

But…the workmanship is even better.  Look at the symmetry.  The tiles are perfect.  Absolutely perfect from edge to edge of the cabinets.  You’re probably saying so what…but let me tell you, when you’re standing there cooking day after day after day, you’re going to start noticing the small details.  And these small details do make a difference!  The homeowner told me that she had been “stroking” the tile and told me how much she appreciated the fact that it had been done so well because her previous tile had been laid so poorly.  Truly, when jobs turn out like this and you have clients like these homeowners, it really makes you glad that you’re in this business…


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