Vendor relationships

We hear it all the time…but I can get it cheaper online…at the Big Box…you fill in the BLANK.  You name it; you’ll always find it for less someplace else.  BUT…what happens when you have problems.  And this is a good example!  Luckily we have a good lighting vendor!

As you can see, the globes for 2 vanity lights came in FOUR different colors.  YES!  We got 2 light fixtures and one came in one color and the other light fixture came in another color.  So, we called them and said hey, we need it in this other color.  Well, they started sending us globes and guess what…we got a rainbow of colors!  Luckily they worked with us until finally they said okay, we just can’t get what you want (they couldn’t figure out why the manufacturer was telling them that and neither could we), but they did say that they could give us another option – WHITE globes!  Which our client wanted all along!  So in the end, it worked out to our advantage, but it took a couple weeks and numerous  phone calls to get this all worked out…it was very frustrating to say the least!

Then, we installed another light fixture and it was tilted.  As you can see in this picture there was a groove that the light would hang in, but when it would hang in that groove, it was crooked, take it out of the groove and it hung straight.  Well, we called our vendor and they sent someone out and guess what?  The light is defective and they’re having to order a new one and when it comes in, they’ll send their guy out to change the light out!

Now, if you had bought the light online or at a Big Box or discount place – would you get that kind of service?  I don’t think so.  Did we pay a lot of money for either of these fixtures – NO!  They were very affordable light fixtures, but it is the relationship that made all the difference.  So, the next time you think you’re going to save some money, think about what MAY go wrong or COULD go wrong and who is going to be there to back that product up…you’ll be glad you established that relationship in the long run!

Robin Burrill


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  1. Karen Zieba says:

    Thanks Robin! What great insight. Good vendors make all the difference, saving time and yes, money!

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