Water Heater

I can’t tell you how many times we visit with homeowners and they complain about that huge gigantic tub that takes all the hot water or all the kids that take showers that last forever and they run out of hot water…well, as I’ve said before, tankless is the best solution if you have access to gas.  But, you’re going to need to stay in your home to recoup the expense as well.

In the meantime, let’s look at some simple facts…water heating is the 3rd largest energy expense in your home.  Yup – that is bigtime – 3rd biggest expense…so if you do have an electric water heater and you have gas, you really need to think of investing in a tankless water heater!

However, there are 4 ways to cut your water heater bills!

  1. Use less hot water (hmmm…bathing less?!)
  2. Turn down the thermostat (this definitely works in the summer!)
  3. Add insulation to your tank (but don’t cover the thermostat, top or bottom or burner department!)
  4. Buy a new more efficient model (tankless maybe?!)

Some other tips…

  1. Install aerating, low flow faucets and shower heads
  2. Repair leaky faucets immediately – leaky ones can use gallons in a very short period of time
  3. Insulate the 1st 6 feet of the hot and cold water pipes connected to the water heater
  4. If your dishwasher or clothes washer is old – consider buying an energy efficient water saving ENERGY STAR model
  5. Install heat traps on the hot and cold pipes at the water heater to prevent heat loss (some of the new ones already have this – another bonus for buying a new one!)

Although most water heaters will last 10-15 years – you might want to start shopping for one if yours is older than 7 years.  I’d especially recommend you keeping an eye on yours if it is in the attic or a 2nd floor – I can’t tell you how many homes we’ve seen damaged by water heaters that went bad and flooded the entire house.

Now here in Texas, there is another option than your standard tanked water heater, but it works well here since we have so much hot weather, heat pump water heaters!  The heat pump water heater takes heat from the air and transfers it to the hot water tank.

There are many options out there and if yours is old and in need of replacement, do it before it “has” to be done and you can evaluate all your options as there are many!


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