Fascinating Facts on Miele Appliances by Robin Burrill

I had the privilege to attend a “lunch n learn” at the Miele showroom in Dallas yesterday.  I’ve attended other manufacturer presentations, but had never been exposed to the Miele line of products…I have to say that I’m quite impressed and wanted to share some of the key points that I learned from the presentation with you.

First of all, Miele (pronounced like Sheila but with a “M”!) is the largest family owned appliance manufacturer in the world.  The actually manufacturer all their own electronics and their motto is – FOREVER BETTER – if they can’t do it any better than it already is, they won’t change it just for the sake of change.  Pretty cool…especially for those of us that think some products are already so good and wonder why they have to be changed!

Regarding their appliances:

–          Their dishwashers have a patent and the only one on the market that has an anti-leak device that will basically turn the dishwasher off if it fails – this way you won’t come home to a flooded kitchen!

–          All refrigerators and freezers are components – meaning you can mix them – put a 36” frig next to a 30” freezer!

–          All refrigerators and freezers have their grills and components hidden – you’ll never see them exposed, so if you’re looking for that seamless look in your kitchen, you can find it with Miele!

–          Once installed, all of their refrigerators and freezers can be worked on from the front of the units – there is no reason to pull them out from the wall – everything is accessed from the front of the unit.

–          Miele appliances are built to last 20 years!  Yes – I was shocked by this.  TWENTY years!  Now, I realize this line of appliances are on the higher end, but if you bought an appliance that was to last 20 years, I think that would probably sway your thinking a little, wouldn’t it?  Someone in our class asked what the average in the industry was…ANSWER…8-10 years…typical of what I’ve heard before.

–          Do you have a “view” in your kitchen that you don’t want ruined by your hood?  Well, Miele has an answer for that too!  They of course have another patented hood that will raise 12” so that “view” will be unimpeded!

–          The patented honeycombed drum in the washers help your clothes last 4 times longer!

–          If your Miele appliance is installed by a certified Miele installer – your appliance warranty has just doubled!

–          And…once your Miele appliance has been installed…a representative will come to your home to walk you through how to use your appliance!  How cool is that?!  How many times have you bought an appliance, read through the manual and still thought, okay, I just don’t get it?!

Some other cool facts that I noticed…

–          Miele is one of the few high end manufacturers that still make appliances in BLACK!  I am not a fan of stainless steel, so those of you who aren’t also, you can get black!

–          And…if you are a big stainless fan…their stainless doesn’t fingerprint!  Woohoo!  They’ve put a glass top on top of their stainless, you really can’t tell it is there, they’ve etched it, so all you have to do is clean it with soap and water – goodbye to stainless steel cleaner!

–          And for those of you who want all your handles to match…you can get that too!

–          Miele washers and dryers are reversed, so make sure your plumber knows this and plans according or you could have a slight problem!  Unless of course you’re stacking your units.

Lastly, if you are interested in purchasing Miele, visit a local dealer, if you try to buy online, you’ll find it is actually slightly more; however, you might be able to get a discount if you work through us…right now Miele is offering builders/remodelers discounts that we can pass on to you!

Overall, I was very impressed by their products…of course one of their best selling products is the built in coffee maker and my personal favorite is the steamer oven…did you know you can cook a whole meal in FOUR minutes in that oven?!

If you want to experience any of the Miele products, just give us a call, I’d be thrilled to take a trip over to the showroom with you and I’m sure they’d love to show you how their products work and probably cook us something!


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  1. Nice! Surely, Miele has good line up of appliance. And i have never heard of their name not until I have read this post. I have realized that, indeed, they are the largest family owned appliance manufacturer in the world and that’s great.

    1. curb01 says:

      If you are in the market for the high end appliances, I recommend you visit all the centers that are set up to showcase just their products. Of course they’re going to tell you why their product is the best, but you’re going to learn everything about their line. Then go to a dealer or work with your remodeler/builder and make your purchase. Personally, I can see where you would have several different manufacturers in your kitchen – I do now – because each line will have something you want. You know the saying, you can’t be everything to everyone!

      Thanks for following us…let us know what other topics you’d like to see and we’ll try and post…we’re also on Twitter if you’re a tweeter! CARenovations !


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