Celebrating 25 yrs of Remodeling Excellence!

One of the really nice advantages of being in the remodeling industry is getting to meet some really fantastic people and Rob and I have met some awesome folks over the years, but I don’t know any as special as Joy and Kirk Morris from Michigan.  Once you meet Joy, you’ll realize that you’ve never had “joy” in your life before!  And Kirk, he’s just a rock, always very positive, very straightforward, dependable, honest and such a gentleman.  I’ve been on business trips with Joy and Kirk when Rob couldn’t go and Kirk was right there, taking care of both Joy and I and let me tell you, that is quite a job!

I just wanted to take a moment and share a great article that appeared in their paper to celebrate their 25 years in business!  As you know, times are tough up in Michigan, so if you know anyone in the Grand Rapids area looking for a remodeler, tell them to call the best remodeler that we know – Morris Builders – Joy and Kirk Morris!

Celebrating 25 yrs of Remodeling Excellence!

Kirk Morris forged his way into the construction field soon after graduating from Rockford High School in 1978. His aspirations were carved while he was still a teenager but a desire to learn everything trade related, combined with diligence, finally brought him into his career of choice. In 1985, with his wife, Joy, he began his business: 

Morris Builders, Inc. This year the company is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary.

From their home office on Bostwick Lake, the couple reminisced over their success with a perfect balance of profession and fun… just like they run their business.

As a design-build team, Morris Builders takes the complete building project from the creative planning stage, through the remodeling, to the finished product. Attention to detail and customer service are key to satisfaction, which is their goal.

“We have many repeat clients and that’s how we’ve stayed in business all these years. Our clients are the best,” said his wife, Joy Morris.

“We’ve built a solid business by paying attention to the smallest details and delivering what the customer wants,” Kirk Morris said.

One of the ways they offer personalized service is that Joy takes the clients shopping. She helps them select cabinets, countertops, fixtures, hardware, flooring, tiles, and everything necessary to complete the project to customer satisfaction. “This helps the customer get through the tedious decision making process quickly,” 

said Joy Morris. “I’m able to listen to what they want, give them advice, and also help them stay within their budget.”

One of their satisfied customers, Gabriele Blacklidge, of Rockford, has found their services indispensable. “Their personalized shopping gives you all of the options and helps you narrow down your choices. 

It’s very helpful,” Blacklidge said. “Their quality is fabulous and a good value for the work they do. But the best thing about them is that they are genuinely nice people.”

Among the company’s full time employees is Darci Mierendorf, the detail-oriented office manager. “We enjoy each other’s company,” she said. “Tuesday is treat day! We go to the Bostwick Lake Inn for their huge no-bake cookies.” Mierendorf chuckled. “Seriously, we work very hard and are always helping each other around here. It’s all about team effort.”

Morris also hires a full time carpenter/builder who gets nothing but rave reviews from the clients. He is Seth Walter and he has been part of the team since 2005.

“Seth is fantastic,” said Ed Bloom, another satisfied customer from Rockford. “He is quality conscious, answers all of our questions, and cleans up his mess every day. He communicates well between us and their office so we’re always on the same page. We’ve been very pleased with Morris Builders.”

Community Involvement &  Family

Morris Builders believes in giving back to the community they live in and therefore are often involved in building tree houses or playhouses as donations. The Make-a-Wish Foundation has received their gifts, as well as Habitat for Humanity International, March of Dimes, and numerous other charity organizations.

“We recently built a playhouse and donated it to Cannonsburg Elementary School for a fundraiser,” Morris said of their community involvement. “And thanks to Darci, we now all have our own Santa hats to wear in the Rockford Santa Clause Parade.”

“We love being in the Rockford parades,” Joy Morris said.

Both graduates of Rockford High School, the Morris’ married in 1983. 

They have raised their two children Aubrey, 22, and Gavin, 20, surrounded by the building trade. Aubrey is a student at Kendall College of Art and Design studying interior design. Gavin is a carpenter who is also a business management student at Davenport University and plays lacrosse for them.

Both of the Morris children have learned balance of schedules and a hard work ethic from helping their parents with the business. They have utilized their creativity and expertise in many ways and are now pursuing careers which could easily land them up working for Morris Builders and carrying them into the next generation.

“We believe in staying innovative and fresh,” Joy Morris said. 

“Education has been big for us in keeping current. Kirk is always taking some type of continuing ed. class. He’s now a Certified Green Professional, a Certified Graduate Remodeler, and a Certified Aging-in- Place Specialist.”

“We want to be proactive instead of reactive so that clients know they’re covered,” Kirk Morris said. “E.P.A. (Environmental Protection

Agency) standards keep changing so we need to stay on top of it all.”

Morris Builders, Inc. has received numerous awards over the years; national, state and community. The most recent is the Rockford Chamber of Commerce 2009 Business of Distinction Award.


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