To tub or not to tub…

Resale value “is still a timely question,” says New York-based designer Paige Rien of HGTV’s Hidden Potential. “I have clients ask me about that all the time.” But she adds that, these days, calculating that return can be a crap shoot. “So I ask them, ‘What will you use and enjoy? What will have value for you?’ Sometimes the standard resale formula doesn’t jibe with how they live. More and more, the tub goes unused. They’d rather have a larger shower.”

For buyers who want to add luxury to their master bath, Rien says she’s a fan of replacing the tub with an enlarged shower with dual shower heads, digital controls, enhanced lighting – and no doors. “Eliminate the enclosure and have the entire room wet,” she says “I think that speaks more to luxury than a [jetted] tub these days.”


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