Green countertop options

There are 3 R’s of sustainability – recycle, reuse and reduce…many architects and interior designers are big into “reuse”. So…you will start to see many of the “old” items become “new” again!

If you’ve decided to do away with your old countertops – are they in good enough condition that they could be used elsewhere in your home? Could they be donated? Anything is better than going to the landfill.

Or better yet – have you decided to do away with old tables in your home – could they become a countertop?

Some products do require buying new and the current market has unbelievable choices and some with unbelievable prices too! Amazing how “green” doesn’t necessarily mean the “green” stays in your pocket!

Some great choices though are coming out in recycled glass and paper. Butcher block make of sustainable choices – especially bamboo which can come in many colors and styles. Stainless steel ranks high as a post-consumer recycled product and is hygienic and easy to keep clean to boot! Keep in mind thought that it does have drawbacks…it does scratch, can be noisy and that it is a higher end product that costs more.


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