10 tips to a healthier living…

1. Filter your water – whole house or point of use – many appliances and plumbing manufacturers are including filtration systems – great time to get one of these included when you have to replace a kitchen sink faucet or refrigerator!
2. Reduce toxins – volatile organic compounds (VOCs) linger in the air and can cause you to become sick – from allergic reactions to more serious health issues. When you paint next time – make sure you get a low VOC paint. Also, if you’re buying new furniture – ask your sales person how the furniture was produced!
3. Increase tub and shower safety – this is really one of the biggest safety issues in your home. If your tub is slick, anyone can fall. If you’re remodeling a shower and it is currently sunken – raise the floor, install a small or even curb-less shower. Install grab bars and I know what you’re thinking – they look too institutional – but they’ve come a long way, matching your plumbing and with decorative accents. The big thing to keep in mind here is to make sure you’ve got enough blocking in the wall to get them installed.
4. Eliminate germs with non-toxic cleaners – did you know that some of your cleaners can emit VOCs? Make sure that you choose environmentally friendly cleaners and keep in mind that if you have a septic system this is even more important! Simply using different cutting boards for meat and veggies and replacing sponges used in the kitchen can really make a difference.
5. Garden naturally – use organic insecticidal soaps and lots of mulch in the garden to help conserve water. Compost your kitchen veggie scraps. There are so many options for this tip that pretty much the sky is the limit – depending on how much work you want to go to physically, you could grow your own garden, compost your lawn clippings and leaves…
6. Protect from fire and carbon monoxide – install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but make sure to change those batteries! Also, place a fire distinguisher in the kitchen and make sure you have an escape ladder for those upper floor bedrooms.
7. Reduce humidity – keep your bath from becoming a mold and mildew haven by simply installing an exhaust fan or dehumidifier. A great time to do this of course is when you’re remodeling your bathroom!
8. Replace air filters often – okay, this is one task that many of us forget. Make sure that you purchase a good filter, you’ll have to replace it less often.
9. Purify the air – this will reduce the pollutants and allergens in your home. Are you allergic to Fido? This could possibly help clear the air for you.
10. Choose flooring wisely – this is probably one of the bigger areas in your home that you can make a difference. Are you concerned about sustainability or green products? There are many for you to choose from. Some simple thoughts to keep in mind (a later blog will go into more detail), carpet feels great, but keep it mind it can trap dust and allergens and isn’t the best answer for those with allergies whereas tile and wood floors will not trap dirt or allergens.


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