Cabinetry Basics #3

Planning guideless
Okay – you’ve now decided which way to go – stock or custom – or have you?!
Traffic patterns – I’m sure you’ve heard about the kitchen triangle – right? Well, you really shouldn’t let anything impede that triangle – however – some of the kitchens we’ve seen recently have an island in the middle of that triangle and for what? To say it has an island? We typically hear that all you end up doing is running around the island! Another thought to keep in mind – according to code and basic good design – you should always have a minimum 36” of clearance between work surfaces or walkways. Again – many kitchens do not have this clearance.
Work aisle – according to many guidelines – you need to have a minimum of 42” for one cook and 48” for multiple cooks. This would definitely get rid of the islands in many homes!
Storage – what about those lazy susan’s? Not our favorite, but there are many options out there now for those blind corners – some more expensive than others. Storage over the frig – does the cabinet above the frig come out all the way, or do you just have that lovely frig top with all the “decorations” sitting on top? Are you a baker? Then what about lowering one of your counters so they are more ergonomically correct? And what about the great cabinetry for those heavy KitchenAid mixers? Cookie sheet cabinets? And please don’t tell me that you still have one of the walk-in pantry’s? Custom pantry cabinets will provide you better storage by far!
Professional design – if you’re planning on investing the money to update your cabinets – make sure you bring in a professional that can help you with the many options now available – I guarantee it will make the world of difference and you’ll end up having cabinetry that you’ll love for years to come!


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