Metrocon 2009

I attended Metrocon 2009 today – the ASID Texas Chapter and IIDA industry conference held every year in Dallas.  It is a great opportunity to take classes (ASID members must have continuing ed), network – meet new friends and see old, and see what is new in the industry.

Today I only had the opportunity to attend two classes…one was filled with lots of information, some of which I’ll share with you now.

First of all…many people love the look of slate and want to use it inside, outside, in the shower, etc.  However…did you know that because of the iron in slate that it will rust when exposed continuously to water?! 

Many homeowners in Texas love natural travertine – I have to admit it is beautiful, but after today, I’m going to make doubly sure that all our clients know about the maintenance!  Any filled and honed travertine of the floor will take CONSTANT maintenance!  Those little filled pieces will pop out…are you willing to keep up the maintenance and fill them with grout?

Fissures are in natural stone – no way to get around it…just realize that no two of the same stones are going to look alike.

I’ll cover steam showers in a later posting…along with glass tile!  Stay tuned…


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