Thinking about remodeling? 9 reasons why…

According to Karen Klages with the Chicago Tribune…the following are nine great projects that will add value now!

1.  Siding and window replacement.  Okay…this is a no-brainer…you’re improving the look of your home and the energy efficiency.

2.  Anything green or energy efficient!  Tankless water heaters…low flow toilets…sealing up air drafts and especially here in Texas – how about checking on the AC before it gets hot again and the HVAC guys start charging more because they can’t stay up in that hot attic for very long?!

3.  Deck addition!  Outdoor living is especially hot here in Texas.  If you check out the “Cost vs Value Report 2008-9” that Remodeling Magazine has recently put out, you’ll see that you get about as much ROI as you do for kitchen and bath remodels…

4.  Cosmetics…small stuff…making your place have the WOW factor that your neighbor doesn’t have.  Replacing worn out flooring, or cultured marble counters in the baths or laminate in the kitchen with granite.  The little stuff can make a big different…even a coat of paint can make your home zing!

5.  The pizazz factor…going that one step beyond cosmetic changes…the glass tile instead of the typical tumbled marble.  Adding the deco pieces in the floor, or even laying the floor tile on a brick pattern instead of the normal diagonal pattern…anything that will make your home stand out that much more.

6.  Kitchen remodel – any realtor will tell you that what sells is kitchens and baths…if you’re going to stay in your home, make the kitchen what you want, but if you’re going to sell in the next 5-10 years, don’t personalize it too much.

7.  Bath remodel – yup – baths are next!  The same holds true with baths…if you’re there for the long haul, make it your own.  If you don’t take baths, take it out and make that luxurious shower you’ve always wanted.  About half the clients we meet aren’t bath takers anyways.  Same holds true for the kitchen…if you’re going to stay, make it your dream bathroom.

8.  Teaching old rooms new tricks – reinvent an existing space!  How about turning that unused living room into a home office?

9.  Electric radiant heat…okay…the author is from Chicago, so I can see how she would come up with this one…but we do get clients to ask for radiant heat from time to time and I have to admit, it is wonderful, but ideally it is something you need to consider when building new – that is where you can get some great energy savings!

9 great project ideas to start out an awesome 2009!  Happy New Year!


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