The Curb Appeal Renovations weblog is active!

Welcome!  Thank you for taking time to visit our blog.  We intend for this to be an informational and hopefully creative way of sharing news, events and educational information.  Please feel free to give us comments on what you would like to see!

Curb Appeal Renovations, Inc. is a design/build remodeling company located in Keller, Texas – primarily serving the northeast Tarrant County area.  What does design/build mean?  We take you from conception through construction and beyond!  If you are like our typical client, they have a hard time visualizing the space or spaces that they want to remodel or create.  Using our 3D software, we create those spaces based on their wants and desires.  We also help and educate our clients in making the decisions needed for their project – plumbing, appliances, building materials, finishes, lighting, electrical, keeping in mind that the client may want to incorporate many factors into their decision – including green/sustainable products, specific colors and making sure they understand how their selections and design will affect their investment.

Again…thanks for visiting and check back often!

The CAR staff


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